Sex and The City Montage:

WhoWhatWear has done it again with feeding my hunger for fashion. As I was scrolling through boring posts and photos on Facebook, I stumbled upon what I can only describe as a precious gift (if you love Sex and the City as much as I do). What is it you ask?

A montage of every brand ever mentioned in Sex and the City… I’m not kidding. Yes I have watched the whole thing and yes I will watch it again.

The link is posted above… Enjoy!



Forward Thinking:

I was doing some late night pinning (of course) and stumbled across something that I found to be very interesting and thought-provoking. I thought that it would be a good idea to share it with you all as it may get you to evaluate your current being as it did for me.



Hope all is well. Only focus on things that will help you get to where you want to go. The rest is just a waste. You deserve the best.


Steal Her Style: Vanessa Hudgens:

As I kept saying in my last post, I love Vanessa Hudgens style. I thought that it would be a good idea to try to find more affordable alternatives that emulate her past outfits. This is as much for me and it is for you. Here we go…

Outfit 1:

V HUdg Prit



Vanessa H
Daisy Print Crop Top,, $18.
Pink Soda Black Velvet Crop Top,, $26
Jean Shorts, Etsy, $20
TOPSHOP Turquoise Semi Precious Ring, TOPSHOP, $12
ALMA Moonstone Poison Ring,, $50 (little pricey I know)
Brixton X UO Clint Felt Panama Hat, Urban Outfitters, $54
Daily Look Turquoise Shield Ring, Daily Look, $13
ASOS Necklace with Dream Catcher Charm,, $15
Super Large Oversized Metal Round Sunglasses,, $11
MONKI Hope Sunglasses (Black & Tortoise Shell),, $14
I used Polyvore to create this little outfit board and think that it really resembles what she is actually wearing in this picture. I found a lot of well-priced and affordable alternatives to the original outfit. I definitely want to pick up some of these pieces! Let me know what you think! Do you like these kinds of posts? I certainly do!

Style Inspiration: Vanessa Hudgens:

Vanessa Hudgens has come a heck of a long way from her High School Musical days. At the moment, she is my ultimate style icon. I love her look. It’s casual, comfortable, boho, grunge, and ALWAYS chic. No matter what, she always looks AMAZING ! How can you look that put together all the time? Ugh! Wish I knew her secret. If you follow her on Instagram (which I recommend you do right now) you know how epic her style is. Her style during Coachella was FLAWLESS. Completely flawless, I wanted to be her. Actually I still want to be her. I want her to come to the East Coast to take me shopping or let me rummage around in her closet.

Anyways, I was searching Pinterest for some pictures of her so that I could show you all how fashionable she is. Here’s what I found:





Honestly, I cannot get over her style. This is how I want to dress. When I get dressed in the morning, this is what I am aiming for. I love everything about her style and need to channel her when I am frantically shopping at the mall.

How much do you all love Vanessa’s style? Let me know! Also let me know who you’re favorite style icon is at the moment. I love hearing from you all!

Hope all is well.


Bad News:

Ladies of the internet… I have some bad news. If you may or may not know Adam Levine and Victoria’s Secret Angel Behati Prinsloo have been engaged for a while now and tomorrow it all comes full circle. They’re getting married.

Yes, this gorgeous face will no longer be available…

And neither will this one…

As heartbreaking as this is, they are adorable together…


Just a little PDA goes a long way

That’s right ladies, it’s time to look for a new celebrity crush! We wish them all the best! Hope all is well.


New Discovery

So I have just realized that I am horrible at making a pot of coffee. Today’s my day off and my body woke me up at 6:45 am and won’t let me go back to sleep… how lovely. Of course that means I attempted to make myself some coffee (trying to save money) and it backfired. Nothing is worse than a bad cup of coffee if you’re a caffeine/coffee addict like me. Well that is all I had to say for this post. More interesting things will be up soon. Hope you are all well!


Giving & Taking:

Before I go to sleep for the night (I know it’s early, I’m lame… Whatever) I wanted to leave all of you beautiful people with some words about life. Recent events have got me thinking about the concept of giving and taking between people. Something like your friend/family member asks for a favor or something of that nature. I began thinking when does enough become enough. I believe a lot of the pressure is put on the person who is doing the giving. It’s like, you must do this because either you’re related to them or good friends or what not. My question is, what about the person who is doing the taking? When is the pressure put on them to realize when they are asking too much and you are spread too thin. In light of all of this thinking I came up with some words to sum up my whole thought process…

“People can only give so much. It is important for others to understand when they are asking for too much.”

Sorry that this post got a little deep, sometimes I need to put my thoughts out there. Wishing you all happy days and pleasant dreams.