Steal Her Style: Vanessa Hudgens:

As I kept saying in my last post, I love Vanessa Hudgens style. I thought that it would be a good idea to try to find more affordable alternatives that emulate her past outfits. This is as much for me and it is for you. Here we go…

Outfit 1:

V HUdg Prit



Vanessa H
Daisy Print Crop Top,, $18.
Pink Soda Black Velvet Crop Top,, $26
Jean Shorts, Etsy, $20
TOPSHOP Turquoise Semi Precious Ring, TOPSHOP, $12
ALMA Moonstone Poison Ring,, $50 (little pricey I know)
Brixton X UO Clint Felt Panama Hat, Urban Outfitters, $54
Daily Look Turquoise Shield Ring, Daily Look, $13
ASOS Necklace with Dream Catcher Charm,, $15
Super Large Oversized Metal Round Sunglasses,, $11
MONKI Hope Sunglasses (Black & Tortoise Shell),, $14
I used Polyvore to create this little outfit board and think that it really resembles what she is actually wearing in this picture. I found a lot of well-priced and affordable alternatives to the original outfit. I definitely want to pick up some of these pieces! Let me know what you think! Do you like these kinds of posts? I certainly do!

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