Giving & Taking:

Before I go to sleep for the night (I know it’s early, I’m lame… Whatever) I wanted to leave all of you beautiful people with some words about life. Recent events have got me thinking about the concept of giving and taking between people. Something like your friend/family member asks for a favor or something of that nature. I began thinking when does enough become enough. I believe a lot of the pressure is put on the person who is doing the giving. It’s like, you must do this because either you’re related to them or good friends or what not. My question is, what about the person who is doing the taking? When is the pressure put on them to realize when they are asking too much and you are spread too thin. In light of all of this thinking I came up with some words to sum up my whole thought process…

“People can only give so much. It is important for others to understand when they are asking for too much.”

Sorry that this post got a little deep, sometimes I need to put my thoughts out there. Wishing you all happy days and pleasant dreams.