Sex and The City Montage:

WhoWhatWear has done it again with feeding my hunger for fashion. As I was scrolling through boring posts and photos on Facebook, I stumbled upon what I can only describe as a precious gift (if you love Sex and the City as much as I do). What is it you ask?

A montage of every brand ever mentioned in Sex and the City… I’m not kidding. Yes I have watched the whole thing and yes I will watch it again.

The link is posted above… Enjoy!



Steal Her Style: Vanessa Hudgens:

As I kept saying in my last post, I love Vanessa Hudgens style. I thought that it would be a good idea to try to find more affordable alternatives that emulate her past outfits. This is as much for me and it is for you. Here we go…

Outfit 1:

V HUdg Prit



Vanessa H
Daisy Print Crop Top,, $18.
Pink Soda Black Velvet Crop Top,, $26
Jean Shorts, Etsy, $20
TOPSHOP Turquoise Semi Precious Ring, TOPSHOP, $12
ALMA Moonstone Poison Ring,, $50 (little pricey I know)
Brixton X UO Clint Felt Panama Hat, Urban Outfitters, $54
Daily Look Turquoise Shield Ring, Daily Look, $13
ASOS Necklace with Dream Catcher Charm,, $15
Super Large Oversized Metal Round Sunglasses,, $11
MONKI Hope Sunglasses (Black & Tortoise Shell),, $14
I used Polyvore to create this little outfit board and think that it really resembles what she is actually wearing in this picture. I found a lot of well-priced and affordable alternatives to the original outfit. I definitely want to pick up some of these pieces! Let me know what you think! Do you like these kinds of posts? I certainly do!

Style Inspiration: Vanessa Hudgens:

Vanessa Hudgens has come a heck of a long way from her High School Musical days. At the moment, she is my ultimate style icon. I love her look. It’s casual, comfortable, boho, grunge, and ALWAYS chic. No matter what, she always looks AMAZING ! How can you look that put together all the time? Ugh! Wish I knew her secret. If you follow her on Instagram (which I recommend you do right now) you know how epic her style is. Her style during Coachella was FLAWLESS. Completely flawless, I wanted to be her. Actually I still want to be her. I want her to come to the East Coast to take me shopping or let me rummage around in her closet.

Anyways, I was searching Pinterest for some pictures of her so that I could show you all how fashionable she is. Here’s what I found:





Honestly, I cannot get over her style. This is how I want to dress. When I get dressed in the morning, this is what I am aiming for. I love everything about her style and need to channel her when I am frantically shopping at the mall.

How much do you all love Vanessa’s style? Let me know! Also let me know who you’re favorite style icon is at the moment. I love hearing from you all!

Hope all is well.



Factual Friday:

Yes I know that it’s supposed to be Fashion Pick Friday, but I decided to switch it up a bit. I thought it would be fun to answer a couple of questions about myself for all of you readers out there (if there are any).


1.) What’s your favorite drink?

Coffee. Hands down. Nothing else compares. I might have a problem.

2.) What’s your favorite book?

White Girl Problems by Babe Walker. I know it sounds shallow, but it’s the best book that I have ever read. I love the main character! She’s bratty and obnoxious and fantastic. I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves fashion and a funny read!

3.) What’s your favorite place that you have traveled?

Amsterdam. I went last summer to visit my sister and it was amazing. You can walk everywhere, the food is amazing, and everyone is so friendly. Not to mention it is extremely clean and beautiful there! There are little boutiques everywhere that have the best clothes. I want to go back so bad.

4.) What’s your favorite item of clothing in your closet?

I bought this oversized “grandma” sweater when I went to Amsterdam and I live in it. The pocket is sort of ripping off but I still wear it constantly. It’s so warm and comfy! It’s my go to for every outfit.

5.) What’s your favorite color?


6.) What are your favorite stores to shop at?

Urban Outfitters (when I can afford it), Forever 21, Pac Sun. Very regular stores, nothing out of the ordinary.

7.) Who is your celebrity style icon?

I have a lot. I like to channel different styles from different people. Vanessa Hudgens, Miranda Kerr, Rachel Zoe, Nicole Richie, Candice Swanepoel, Cara Delevingne, and just so many more.

Those are just a few things about me! Maybe I will answer a couple of different questions on every other Friday or something. Let me know what you all think!



Friday Fashion Picks:

Another Friday has decided to creep up on us again. Normal people are excited for Friday because they have the weekends off, but not me. I mean Sunday means half a work day, but still. The great thing about Friday means that it’s Friday Fashion Picks which means I can show you guys all of the clothes I’m lusting over right now.

Something important that you should all check out if you’re a shopping addict like me, Urban Outfitters  is having a huge summer sale! So many good pieces are on sale. It’s a must.


 Raga Allover Print Bell Flare Pant, $39.99 (On Sale)

I know that a lot of people aren’t really into the palazzo pant trend. Some of them think that the shape they give is unflattering or that they just look funny. Not me! I love the look of these pants. I have one pair right now and I would live in them if I could. I think that this pair has a great pattern and the black and white color scheme make them super easy to build an outfit off of.

check dress

Motel Zeah Angled Check Mini Dress, $39.99 (On Sale)

I don’t know what it is about this dress, but I love it. I feel like it’s definitely a love or hate piece for people though. You are either in love with it or you completely hate it. I love the pattern of the dress and how it gets smaller the higher on the dress you go. I also love the square collar line, so flattering.


Deepa Gurnani Baroque Embellished Headwrap, $19.99

This head wrap is beautiful. If you go to the website and zoom in you’ll fall in love with it too. The detail of the beading is amazing. It may be a little pricey for just a hair accessory. But, it really is a thing of beauty. It would be great to add a little pizzaz to your head on a not so great hair day. Or you could accessorize a monochrome outfit.

crotchet trim top

Crotchet Trim Crop Top, $15.90

I’m in love with this top. Seriously in love. I NEED to buy it. It’s the perfect white, crochet crop top that I have been searching for. I love the boho look that it gives off and it looks amazing with those boyfriend jeans. Although I’d pair it with skinnies and a pair of booties for a night out.


Front Row Halter Top, $23 (On Sale)

I’m loving this halter top from Tobi. Of course I’m obsessed with the color black as it goes with everything. I love the little keyhole cut in the front and the back is to die for. Also loving the pairing of it with the white skirt, super chic. Definitely want to add this to my going out tops.

That’s really all of the pieces I’ve been loving lately. Sorry it’s not that much. Also big apology for this going up late. As you know it was the 4th of July and I had been pretty busy. Wishing you all well.



Friday Fashion Picks:

I have just recently realized that today is Friday. I also realized Friday and fashion both start with an F. I have now created “Friday Fashion”. It might not be that creative and I’m sure I’m not the first to think of it, but hey whatever works right? For Friday Fashion I will be choosing some items that I have lying around in my online shopping carts to show you guys. Hopefully you all like the idea of that because it sounds good to me. Lets get started!

Today for Fashion Friday I’m just going to show you some items from Forever 21 that I am currently lusting after. I always have a million things from Forever 21 in my online cart and usually let them hang out there for a while. Mine as well show them off!




Embroidered Jacket

Embroidered Faux Leather Jacket, $39.80

Ok. This jacket is actually amazing. I need it hanging in my closet now. Of course I already own a leather jacket and love it to death, but this is so unique. I think the detail within the jacket makes it so different. It’s not just a regular leather jacket. It’s a statement piece without being to over the top. I’m in love.

Crochet Dress

Paradise Found Slip Dress, $17.80

I know that this dress is really simple, but I think that it’s perfect for summer time! It’s light and floaty and would pair perfect with some gladiator sandals or hi tops. If it starts to get a little chilly throw a floral print kimono over the top or maybe an oversized flannel. This dress is so versatile and the outfit possibilities are endless.

Crochet top

Crochet Trimmed Tank, $12.80

Wait. How is this top only $12.80? This top is again kind of simple but such a staple piece. The outfits you could put together with this… I can’t even think about all of them. You could dress it up with a tailored pant, statement necklace, and heels. You could also throw on a pair of boyfriend jeans, casual shoes, and simple jewelry. I love the fact that you could use this top for either casual or formal wear.


Coffee First Muscle Tee, $12.90

I don’t know about all of you, but I am a coffee fiend. I love everything about coffee and don’t think that I could ever give it up. Not only does this shirt go along with my personality, but it’s adorable. This would be such a cute top for just lounging around at home or to sleep in. I definitely want this muscle t hanging in my closet.


Demure Doll Lace Romper, $24.80

So I absolutely love rompers and this one is fabulous. It has an open back which is perfect for the hot weather. Not to mention the detail on the front sets it up apart from just a regular black romper. This romper is so versatile too. I personally would wear it in a more formal setting, say a graduation party or a friend’s birthday dinner. If you’re looking for a super chic look pair this with a black bootie and gold accessories. Feeling a little more bold? Pair it with a bright-colored shoe like hot pink or red to really make yourself standout.


American Flag Slouch Beanie, $6.80

I saw this near the checkout when I was in Forever 21 the other day looking for a top for Avicii and I didn’t get it. Don’t ask me why I didn’t get it, I just decided no and that was it. Do I regret it? Yes. This beanie is so cute! I really love clothing that has the American flag on it. I love the look of the stars and stripes. This would be so perfect for the 4th, even though I would be sweating my face off in it. If I see this the next time I go in, I am definitely adding it to my wardrobe.

Those are this weeks picks for Friday Fashion. I hope that you enjoy them as much as I do. Let me know if you too are lusting after these items. If not, let me know what’s in your shopping bags. I am always on the hunt for cute clothes!



Avicii Concert

I have no words. As I may or may have not mentioned in my last post, Avicii is my favorite DJ. He’s my number one. I’m obsessed. Last night I went to his concert with my roommate from college and let me just say… wow. I mean everything was just amazing. Our hotel was right across the street from the venue which was so incredibly convenient and made sure we were wandered the streets like lost puppies. The concert started at 7 pm but we went over at about 7:45 pm because there were a lot of people just standing around outside. When we went in we handed our tickets to the venue worker, they strapped wristbands on us and we proceeded to the floor section. In my opinion if you’re going to a concert like this, you go floor or you go home.

The only problem with the floor is that its sweaty and it’s pretty violent. My whole body is actually aching right now, this is no joke. By some miracle my roommate and I made it up to the… wait for it… front row. Yes the front row. The front row at the Avicii concert. I still can’t believe it. It was actually very simple to get up there and I didn’t have to push or shove. We were up there for the whole night and had the best view. I got some great pictures and videos and it was all around an amazing night. The only thing that sucked was that people are really rude. They just push you and shove you and elbow you in the mouth. They really don’t care about the people around them. With all that said, I stood my ground and kept my front row spot for the whole night so I gave myself a big pat on the back.

Everything about Avicii performing was amazing. He had so much energy and was singing along to every song and sounded great. The light show and effects were amazing. I have never been to a better show and will definitely see him again if I get the opportunity.  The only bad thing that happened (besides getting elbowed in the mouth and other body parts) was that my body chain broke. I wore it with my outfit and it was really cheap from Forever 21 and it just snapped. So now it’s in the trash somewhere in the city. Oh well, I’m going to look around Etsy to find a better one.

My next post will be the outfit that I wore and wear I got everything so don’t you worry!